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Our Services

Welcome to Beacon Escrow, inc. where your property dreams become reality. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to cater to all your real estate needs, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience from start to finish. Here’s what sets us apart:





Buyer and Seller Checklist

1. Have all pertinent information when opening escrow. (ie. Seller’s & Buyer’s names, mortgage payoff information, Homeowners Association information, new lender, Solar/HERO Assessments Information, etc.)

2. Clarify the Buyer’s names and vesting. Determine whether or not the Buyers are married and if they are taking the title as sole and separate property. If they are married, provide the spouse’s name for an Interspousal Deed. Determine if the Seller has been married since taking the title. If so, escrow will need the name of the spouse to prepare the Interspousal Deed.

3. If the Seller holds the property in Joint Tenancy and one of the parties is deceased, inform the Escrow officer so they can prepare an Affidavit of Death of Joint Tenant and have the Seller provide a Certified Copy of the Death Certificate.

4. If the Seller holds the property in a Trust, have the Seller provide a copy of the Trust Agreement to Escrow. If the Buyer is taking title in their Trust, provide a copy of the Trust Agreement to Escrow.

5. If the Seller or Buyer are a Corporation, LLC or Partnership, provide Escrow with complete “entity documents” and any necessary resolutions.

6. Provide Escrow with Earnest Money Deposit within three days of acceptance of offer. Wire is preferred. Always call our Escrow Officer to confirm wiring instructions.

7. Communicate any changes immediately to your Escrow officer. Seller must provide payment for all required upfront HOA Fees, Solar Transfer/HERO Assessment payoff fees upon request from Escrow, delay in providing this payment will delay the close of Escrow. Buyer must provide payment for HOA Certification if required by the lender, delay in providing this payment will delay the close of Escrow.

8. Review, complete, and sign all documents and forms in the Escrow Instruction Package and return to the Escrow Office promptly.

9. Buyer to arrange for Homeowner’s/Hazard Insurance ASAP and furnish contact information to Escrow promptly.

10. Communicate any changes in the Escrow with your Escrow Officer.

11. Notify the Escrow Officer if the Seller’s proceeds are to be split or wired to another transaction.

12. Recorded documents will be distributed to appropriate parties by the local government agencies. A 1099 will be provided to the seller.